Shazia Usman is a writer, storyteller, feminist activist and independent communications consultant living in Suva, Fiji. With a B.A in Journalism and an M.A in Pacific Media Studies, she has over eight years of experience working in gender development and communications in Fiji and the Pacific.

From leading long-term communications initiatives for the Fiji Women’s Rights Movement, and the regional Pacific Women Shaping Pacific Development program, to undertaking short-term independent consultancies with the Fiji Women’s Fund, Plan International Australia, International Women’s Development Agency (IWDA) and others, Shazia has dedicated her career to supporting efforts that promote gender equality through strategic communications that amplify the voices and choices of women, girls and gender non-binary people.

Shazia is a self-published author. Her first children’s book Kaluti, a story of a 10-year-old girl facing colourism, was released in August 2019. For this she was nominated as one of IWDA’s ‘6 must-read women writers from Asia and the Pacific’.

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